Splints have been a key treatment for TMD for many years.  They are acrylic devices that fit in the mouth and are supported by the teeth.  We use different designs to achieve different goals.  With splints we can reduce facial pain, reduce muscle tension, eliminate joint clicks, and protect you from the damage caused by tooth grinding (bruxism).


We can achieve fantastic results with improved function and reduced pain levels when working with physiotherapists who have been trained in orofacial pain conditions.  Charles can work in conjunction with a physiotherapist close to your home in order to deliver this care conveniently.


Sometimes we find that using one of a variety of medications is the best way to manage your symptoms.  This may be carried out in conjunction with your GP depending on the condition and your medical history


There are a number of other treatments that we can utilise including botox injections to the key muscles, and a new treatment called Cerezen.  Charles will discuss these with you if they are relevant to your condition.


Many patients come to us having suffered pain for a number of years.  This chronic burden understandably takes its toll.  You will always find a caring and sympathetic approach.  We may decide to utilise other professionals to give you the tools and coping strategies necessary to help you.